25 years ago, J. Cantey sent two volunteers, Garth and Sue, to indefinitely play the card game War on the surface of Mars.  This game would to be streamed for people on Earth to watch and bet on for their entertainment.

They're still playing today!  Set your wager on who you think will win the hand.  If you're right, your winnings will double.  If you're wrong, you lose your wager.  If you're a super user, enjoy our Super-User Chat Room.  (You're not a Super-User).

Thanks for playing! Now, meet Garth and Sue!

The card game won't start until you set a wager on a winner.  Also, I made this in 3 days while on a train to and from Washington DC, so I didn't completely polish it.  The buttons are a bit hard to click, but if you try the corners, it should work!!

Also, pay attention to the chat room!  And I couldn't figure out auto-scrolling with the little time I had so you have to scroll yourself.  Sorry.

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