Use the arrow keys, or swipe in mobile, to search the night sky with the telescope.

I think we are missing out on a chunk of the human experience if we're deprived of our view of the night sky.   If you agree, you can look into the issue on a local level and/or donate to the International Dark-Sky Association.  They also have resources that could empower you to make a difference at home.

This game has no association to the IDA.  I just wanted to give you a resource if you're interested.

*Disclaimer* The stars and planets in this game are totally fictionalized because I just wanted to have fun with it.  Sorry 'bout it.


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Did you know if you use Bing Cares, with every search you do it earn you points which turn into money that gets donated every month, The Dark Sky association is one of the charities! They are severely underfunded.Go to to start.

Cool!  My partner and I are Dark Sky Association members, but I didn't know about the Bing Cares thing!! Switching to that now! <3

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Super lovely! It captures a really nuanced ambience and story in a bite-sized moment.

Thank you!!


oh! wow! this is beautiful.


Thank you!! <#


What a treat! I wish most games were about this long and this touching. 

Ah!! Thank you.

And same.  About the length. haha


Amazing job

:o thank you!!