A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Perseptitaur has been cursed with one set of sockets for both their ears and eyes.

To listen for signs of the hero in the maze, drag the ear to Perseptitaur’s face.

To see and hunt your way through the maze, drag the eye over.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move and turn Perseptitaur.

Made for GGJ 2022 by:

Kurt Roembke - Lead Programmer / Dev / VO

Courtney Hahn - Lead Artist

Roberto Perez - Animator / Artist

Andrew Jacobs - 3D Artist / Level Design

Kai Bowers - Lead Audio

Sean Rollins - Audio/Music

Jake Ryan Baker - Writer


Perseptitaur-PC.zip 38 MB
Perseptitaur-Mac.zip 49 MB

Install instructions


If the game won’t open, go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy and “Allow” application to run at the bottom of the window.

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